Pasta Flour Blend FC

$ 5.75

1 bag makes approximately 8 servings of pasta.

Pasta Dough Recipe
2 Cups (280g) Happy Tart Pasta Flour Blend
4 Eggs (182g)

  1. Combine Pasta Flour and Eggs in a stand mixer or food processor.
  2. Mix on low speed until pasta has come together in a ball.
  3. Use immediately.  Cover unused portion of dough when not using.

Making Pasta

  1. Cut dough into 4 equal portions.  Cover 3 portions with plastic wrap and shape one portion into an elongated disc.
  2. Cover working surface with tapioca flour (or cornstarch) and roll out dough into a 6” x 12” rectangle.
  3. Cut dough into desired pasta shape.
  4. Extra dough can be saved – covered.  When you have used all your dough, place the extra bits in the mixer or food processor and add warm water a ½ tsp at a time.  The dough will come back together and you can make more pasta.
  5. Place on a floured cookie tray to dry slightly.  Cook immediately or store in refrigerator or freezer.
  6. To cook, bring a large pot of water to boil.  Add salt. Add pasta – stir once to make sure pasta is not sticking.  Simmer for 10-12 minutes.  Drain and enjoy.


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