Easter Bunny Cake

$ 35.00

Who doesn't like a Chocolate Easter Bunny?  Our Easter Bunny Cake will have you playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets the darling Chocolate Easter Bunny on the top of the cake.  Nestled in Buttercream Grass and Surrounded by Buttercream Flowers - our Chocolate Easter Bunny is ready to delight your Easter Table.

Available in the following flavors:

Lemon Cake with Lemon Mousse and Lemon Buttercream

Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Mousse and Vanilla Buttercream

Almond Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse and Almond Buttercream

Vanilla Cake with Milk Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Buttercream

6" cake serves 6-8 people

8" cake serves 12-15 people

Cakes contain Dairy

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